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Pixel 7

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Product Description

DeGoogled Pixel 7

Ironically, the Google Pixel phones are great for reinstalling with the Sage Phone software. This is because originally Google started making phones to serve as a development platform for new apps.

This Google smartphone comes new in box, without sim card and comes with the new software. Using it is like using a normal phone: insert sim card and you’re done.


Snowden Phone with Encrypted GrapheneOS

All devices will be equipped with GrapheneOS (a smartphone OS focused on security and privacy) according to Edward Snowden guidelines. Thanks to this foundation, all files and connections are encrypted with encryption, so no one else can see into them.


Privacy Smartphone

We can deliver he device as a Privacy Smartphone. It has the same base as the Snowden Phone, but has been extended with apps to retain as much functionality of a “normal” smartphone as possible while minimizing the invasion of privacy.


155.6 x 73.2 x 8.7 mm
197 grams
6.3 inches
2400×1080 pixels
8 GB memory
Octa-core processor
5G internet*
Android AOSP, Linux, LLVM
50 megapixels
4k video
128 GB storage
Suitable for all providers

* 5G is supported hardware, but can be disabled after inserting the SIM card.

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Black, Green/Grey, White


128GB, 256GB


Privacy Smartphone, Snowden Phone